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Cooking and Foods,

Themes about food, I'm always eating. o[o//[FOOD]


Update March 28 2021: With some Strawberry Lemonade and a little side of humous with a weird flat bread thingy

involving cheese sticks being cut up and sprinkled on top of crushed tikka masala potato chips,

green onion, coconut greek yogurt, and all on a tortilla shell

(Anyone remembering making cheap tortilla shell pizza as a kid?

I've always thought of them as gross; since store bought peperoni mixed with all the other cheap stuff

and the weird tortilla shell tasted nasty.)

Oh I forgot to say also that I had tikka masala with rice,

and with a tiny thin drawing of sriracha on the rice too.

tasted good and I had a lot of left overs


Update March 28 2021: literally a grilled cheese with a sandy cheeks wish combinded with a cheese burger.

(cheese burger + grilled cheese.) I thought of this while looking at other family members

in the house making a grilled cheese sandcastle at wish.com with tomato soup.

The sandwich had a seasoned burger patty, pickles, tomato, onion, safe yet old lettice, cheese and mayo;

and all made on a pan like a grilled cheese sandwich. had to cook the burger first though.

I was quite surprised on how well the structural integrity was kept after adding a bunch of random burger crap.

(I now want to play the burger time game on Mame/arcade or NES. after writting this.)

I had coleslaw left over from my coney island diner that I had a few days ago,

so I had that with the GC (Burger) it was a nice pairing with some cheap tomato soup too.

Barely any soup was left but I didn't need much, just wanted something with the sandwich.

Looking at the sandwich now, I get a cozy diner vibe from this. or a Hospital cafe vibe too.

Hope you all a good day.

More To Come and many More to do in the world of Maru!