Febuary 1st 2023

Febuary 1st 2023

All about Yamaha today le mountain leaves!!

Yamaha Electronic pianos have always been a treat for me. I don't know what's about them that gives me cozy feelings

I guess you could say that I might be a fanboy of them but to behonest It's more of just a safe bet for me and thus,

why I always pick them for me. I bet other keyboards are just as good or even better than yamaha pianos, so I'm open to use other piano brands if I come across them. But since the stars have aligned in a certain way, that even other yamaha's stuff in general are a decent bet. Even yamaha head phones are decent too. A classic Yamaha keyboard for me is the ypg 235 keyboard which has a good mix of realistic sounds and corny midi sounds all in one nice package! Tbh I need to get my hands on older keyboards from yamaha or even keyboards from other brands too! but enough rambling here are some groovy yamaha themed videos!

Here's a groovy extra vid!

En fin